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Faux Stone Wainscot

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General Contractor @ Choice Construction

A faux stone wainscot usually starts a couple of inches below finished grade level and typically stops at around 40" tall. The height of the wainscot can vary – it can be shorter or taller than 40”, but not so tall as to reach the roof line in which case it is a veneer. Since the wainscot stops short of the roof line it needs a protective drip ledge known as "sill stone" when it is made from a slab of stone or man-made stone. While it is possible to use a wood protective drip ledge it is something we recommend against as a horizontal wood surface requires a lot of maintenance, such as caulking and repainting every year or two. A stone sill basically just sits there doing its job and looking good all the while. Here we have an example of a faux stone wainscot and matching post bases on a contemporary home. The stone is a fieldstone with taupe sills and precast post caps. While a bit difficult to tell from this photo the grout is also colored to compliment the colors in the stone.

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