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Brick Wainscot

House perspective - right side 2_1.jpg Wainscot starts at approximately finished grade level and typically stops around 40" tall. The height of wainscot can vary – it can be shorter or taller than 40”, but not so tall as to reach the roof line in which case it is a veneer. Since the wainscot stops short of the roof line it needs a protective drip ledge called "rollick" if it made out of brick or "sill" if it is made from a slab of stone or man-made stone. Here we have an example of a brick wainscot on a contemporary home. The gray color of the brick compliments both the color of the siding and the roofing as well. Note that this wainscot is capped with a matching brick rollick. And if you look to the far left you can see that there are two brick post bases that match the height of the wainscot and carries the line across the front of the house.

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